Michael Skyers
3D Artist
Toronto Ontario | Canada

A highly motivated and versatile 3D artist specializing in Character art, asset creation and animation seeking full time employment, and interesting freelance opportunities to further my growth as a 3D artist.

Software Skills:
-Proficient in Z Brush, Autodesk Maya ( modeling, texturing, animation and rigging)
-Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Flash
-Capable of quickly learning and utilizing new software applications

Technical Art Skills:
-Strong classical and 3D animation abilities
-Strong grasp on colour theory, atmospheric perspective and design
-Traditional and Digital painting abilities

Art Direction/ Teaching:
-Art Director on Sheridan/CUC China Short Film: Fruit Punch
-Story Supervisor on Sheridan Animation 3rd year group film: Fool's Gold

Level of Education:
-Sheridan College Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation (07-2011)
-Sheridan College Trafalgar campus for Arts Fundamentals (06-07)

Related Work Experience:

2012-13 Digital Extremes  London, Ontario

-Position: Junior 3D Animator

Star Trek: The game
-  Key animation for creature NPCs
- Mocap Cleanup and Facial Animation for Cinamatics
-  Mocap Cleanup for NPCs

- Key animation for Player Character  and Enemy NPCs
-  Mocap cleanup for Open Beta Trailer

Cancelled Project
-  Key animation for Player Character
-  Mocap cleanup for NPCs

2011 Huminah Animation Hamilton, Ontario

-Position: Junior 3D Character Animator
-3D Character Animator on Nickelodeon’s “Bubble Guppies”

2009 Sheridan College/Communication University Of China Beijing, China
Short Film Initiative

-Position: Art Director/ Project Leader
-Production Supervisor
-Story & Concept Artist
-Character Animation
-BG painting